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Avocado Kitchen – Paint & DIY Flooring

We made some great progress on the Avocado House kitchen this weekend!

Full disclosure: it wasn’t without tears (mine).

First, though, some before and after shots (apologies for some lower-quality cellphone pictures):

mess in kitchen
The kitchen before – cluttered.
before shot of avocado house kitchen
The kitchen before – cleared.
before shot of kitchen
Shelves area before.
a before shot of the kitchen
Windows before.
outline of planned kitchen on old floor
Old, ugly floor with outline of future kitchen features.
putting in the kitchen floor
Almost finished putting in floor.
putting in kitchen floor
Flooring work in progress.

almost finished putting in kitchen floor

shot of kitchen after paint and floor
New floor, finished.
new floor in the kitchen
Finished floor.
new paint in avocado house kitchen
Close up of new paint and windows.
close up shot of new kitchen floor
Close up of new floor.

The kitchen is far from finished, but it’s nearly ready for the cabinets and countertops to be delivered. We still need to finish a few patches on the wood paneling and paint the built-in shelves.

So, what we did this weekend: first, painting. We prepped for painting, opened the paint can, got it up on the wall, and Anna instantly hated it. For me it wasn’t that awful but it wasn’t what I expected either. The color was called “pale avocado”, but it was a lot more mustardy than we expected.

After some discussion and a few tears of frustration we went down to OSH and got some new colors to try, finally settling on “folk art,” which is the green you see on the walls. The photos make it look much brighter than it actually is – it’s more of a calm, pale green, not quite as neon as the photos would suggest.

This is the statement color in the house – we have gray/neutrals planned for the rest of the rooms. Actually this color is Anna’s one concession to my love of bright colors.

We had some help painting the walls (my parents sneakily did it while we were out), which was so nice – and probably the reason we were able to make as much progress as we did this weekend.

Once the painting was done, we starting putting in the floor. We had originally chosen a nice Pergo color, but when we went to order it, it was discontinued. So we settled for this vinyl plank flooring from Home Decorator’s Collection in Antique Brushed Oak. It’s darker than we would have really liked, but it’s what Home Depot had, and it looks good in the end.

We were lucky that width-wise, the planks fit just perfectly, which saved us a lot of time cutting them. There are a few small gaps up against the walls, but the baseboards should hide those just fine. I think in the end it was a blessing in disguise that the Pergo color was discontinued, because it was much easier to DIY the vinyl flooring (flexible, easy to cut) than it would have been with the Pergo.

The kitchen is finally starting to look the way we have been imagining it and it’s very exciting!



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  1. Nice to see the before and after so the effort is so obvious. I really like the contrast of the color and the white.

    • Flo Flo

      Yeah, I just wish it didn’t look so neon in the photos! It really is such a calming color.

  2. If you’re looking for an affordable and stylish way to spruce up your kitchen, try painting your hardwood floor. With just a few coats of paint, you can brighten up your cooking space and give it a shabby chic look.

    • Flo Flo

      That’s a great idea! Unfortunately our kitchen had old linoleum tiles on it, so we had to go with an option that would cover those up. But it’s definitely a good idea to keep in mind for the future.

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