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Balcony Garden Progress

In need of something to love and care for, I started a balcony garden a few weeks ago. Our landlord won’t really allow pets without major hassle and money, and anyway we move and travel too often for a dog, and Brianna hates cats. So I got plants.

the beginning of my garden

I bought a cherry tomato plant, a regular tomato plant, a strawberry, a red bell pepper, and some cucumber seeds. I’ve been known to kill pretty much everything in the past, including succulents, but I’m determined to turn around my reputation regarding plants.

cucumber sprouts tomato

So far, it’s going swimmingly. I even kept them alive during my weeklong trip to India by means of the old upside down wine bottle trick. They’re so happy, in fact, that I think I’m going to need to get my act together for the cucumbers – they’re going to need something to climb on soon.

Further updates forthcoming.

blossoms opening on my tomato plant cucumber plants growing happily strawberry plant is happy cucumber plants from above red bell pepper plant


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  1. Beth Beth

    Good job. I’m rooting for you and them!

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