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Beef Pho Goodbye Dinner

Before we parted ways for a week (only a week, I know we are ridiculous), I wanted to do something special for Anna, so I decided to make homemade beef pho. Besides lobster and shellfish of all kinds, pho is her favorite meal. It was she who originally suggested this recipe, which was the one I decided to go for.

rice noodles for pho

Most recipes I have seen call for letting the broth simmer overnight or at least during the day, and after having tried this quick recipe, I would say that’s a better way to go. While it did come out yummy, there was a certain depth of flavor that the broth was missing. It also needed more salt than this recipe calls for.

I was surprised to see star anise as an ingredient in the broth, but when I tasted it I realized that is the exact spice that gives pho its unique flavor.

prepping the garnish for pho

Since I wasn’t skilled enough to cut the beef quite as thin as I would have liked, I let it cook for a couple of minutes in the broth before pouring over the noodles, instead of leaving it raw on the noodles and just pouring hot broth over it.

However, it was easy and it turned out quite good despite not being as good as some of the takeout pho we’ve had. Next time I’ll try the longer method and see if I can get closer to the “real thing.”

beef pho noodle soup


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