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The Best Medicine

I’ve been a little sick ever since I got back from India. I’ve had a tenacious headache and some sinus activity (it seems like any time I get a cold of any kind, it turns into a sinus infection). General malaise. Even still, it was a very active weekend.

choosing colors for the avocado house living room avocado house bedroom

We worked on the Avocado House a bit on Saturday, but tried to take it easy since both Anna and I recently returned from faraway places and were suffering from jet lag (and in my case, the clinging cold). We prepped the living room ceiling so that we can get the bead board up next time we get a chance to do some work. This meant pulling out hundreds of finishing nails that were still sticking out of it, as well as removing the A/C vent.

While I removed nails, Anna sanded down the patches we did two weeks ago on all the holes that the electricians had made. We were pleasantly surprised by how nice (read: invisible-ish) the patches looked after sanding.

Of course, there were two more holes demanding our attention: one in the office, a result of the plumbing changes in the kitchen, and one in the bathroom ceiling. We both almost cried a little when we saw the one in the office, but at least it’s cut nice and straight and square.

The one in the bathroom ceiling gave us some serious trouble and we’re still not sure where we stand with it. The drywall on the ceiling is very thick, so even with a thick drywall piece screwed in place it’s a bit uneven. The hole itself was uneven, so we had to use a drywall path screen on part of it – which of course started sagging as soon as we put mud on it.

patching the ceiling in the avocado house

Anna put mud all around the patch and we decided it was best to let that dry as a “structural layer” and then add another “aesthetic layer” later to try to even things out. We’ll see how it works out. In the end, it’s the ceiling – not exactly the center of attention in the bathroom.

We also primed the bathroom walls, so we’re all ready to paint in there as soon as we’re done with the ceiling nonsense.

bathroom primed and ready to paint avocado house bathroom

That was about as much as my sickly self could take on Saturday, so hopefully our next foray into the Avocado House will yield more progress.

Sunday was a slow beach day, and now I’m back at work. Last night my mother texted me to see how I was doing, and at the time I still wasn’t feeling well. She said to go to bed; sleep is the best medicine. I was already asleep by the time she sent that message.

Truly, it is the best medicine.

Good food and quiet times are also good medicine. A new favorite in our kitchen is Anna’s stir-fry over rice. The first time we made it we used broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, cabbage, onion, mushroom, and tofu with a Hawaiian teriyaki sauce we serendipitously found at the store. Last night we dropped the cauliflower and tofu and added chicken breast.

We garnish it with cashews, cilantro, and of course generous amounts of Sriracha hot sauce. Next time Anna wants to add some mint as well, inspired by the flavors of A-Frame.

making stir fry finished stir fry with cashew and cilantro garnish

She also made a quiche which I thought was delicious and she thought was lackluster. It was actually a couple of weeks ago but since I have nice pictures I’m sharing it now, no shame. She used spinach, mushrooms, and liberal amounts of goat cheese. I’d love to say that we made the crust from scratch, but in fact we used the frozen pie crusts from Trader Joe’s.

I also recently made some summer rolls, a summer favorite of ours. For the rolls, I just cut up carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, green onion, and a little cilantro and thai basil (if we have it). I add some rice vermicelli and either avocado or shrimp to each one and then roll them up in rice paper wrappers. For the sauce, I use rice wine vinegar, hoisin sauce, peanut butter, and a touch of Sriracha. I mess around with the balance until I like the flavor.  You can take a look at this recipe if you’re craving some more detailed instructions (she uses quinoa instead of rice noodles, but it’s the same idea – you can be creative).

finished summer rolls with shrimp and avocado
Summer rolls ready to be demolished.
spinach, mushroom, & goat cheese quiche before cooking
Quiche ready to cook.

Keeping my hands busy is also good medicine, especially when I’ve been forbidding from running by Anna. It’s for my own good and I know she’s right, but I do get antsy. Right now I’m working on what’s going to be my first Trellis Top – my first self-drafted pattern. I hope to have a preliminary pattern published soon so that I can have some testers take a go at it.

early morning work in progress
Early morning knitting with notes.


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  1. Spring rolls please! And that stir fry over rice. Really good ideas.

    • Flo Flo

      We will have to make the spring rolls sometime when we’re in SM 🙂

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