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Yarn Along

This is my first Yarn Along post! I’m going to be joining this Yarn Along every Wednesday (as long as I can remember to…) and sharing what I’m currently working on. This week I’ve also got what I’m currently reading in there, because that’s how I set things down last night when I went to bed.

The knitting project is a little exciting to me, so I want to share some details: It’s my first ever self-drafted pattern and, like I mentioned in my last post, I’m planning to be sharing the pattern when I finish it, so that I can get some feedback. It’s going to be a sleeveless top with a mesh sort of pattern at the top. I’m knitting it in the round from the bottom up. It’s pretty simple so far – all I’ve done is some hip-shaping decreases. My vision is a loose, comfortable top that will be nice for summer.

Good thing summer in LA lasts well into October, because all this stockinette stitching is taking forever! You might see some inconsistencies in my tension in the photo. That’s probably right where I learned to knit continental. Yes, I decided to learn right in the middle of the project, but man has it made things go so much faster!

I’m knitting in KnitPicks Shine Sport yarn in Hydrangea with my trusty rainbow knitting needles, also from KnitPicks. The yarn is so soft, and held up fine to repeated froggings when I first started the project. As I get further along, I can tell it’s going to have a great drape.

The book I’m reading is The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down  by Anne Fadiman. Brianna recommended it last night when she was telling us about her trip to Colombia, and made me promise to at least read the first chapter before going to bed. I did, and I’m already hooked. The book is about a Hmong family living in Merced, CA, and the confrontation between traditional Hmong medicine and Western medicine. It’s already a good read, and I’m only a few pages in.



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