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A Weekend Off

Having the weekends off is how most people who work Mon-Fri seem to live. It’s how we used to live, too. Saturdays meant staying in bed until 9 or 10 or whenever we were too hungry to stay there anymore, and then having bagels or breakfast tacos or something else extravagant. Sundays we would go to the beach or go for a hike.

Now, every weekend that we’re in town (most weekends, these days) we spend working on the Avocado House. Don’t get me wrong – it’s enjoyable work and it’s exciting to see the progress. But damn, I was so glad for a break this weekend.

It took a little convincing to get Anna to see why we should take the weekend off, but we were both glad we did. Between my job saga and her own job stresses and the passing of a family member of Anna’s, we both (especially her) just needed to take some time to relax and be kind to ourselves.

Of course I did that by getting incredibly sunburned on Saturday at the beach. As I type this my whole back is throbbing. We really just need to invest in a beach umbrella, because no matter how strong the sunblock is, it’s not cutting it.

I’m kind of terrible at actually relaxing, so of course on Saturday I went through some clothes and have a pile to donate, and on Sunday I started (yet another) knitting project – a French press cozy for Sophie. I also bought the French press for her, and I’m intending to give them to her as a housewarming gift. I think I’ll be writing up a simple pattern for it, since it’s self-drafted.

I’m also excited to be getting to the end of the baby sweater requests, because it means I can finally start on the sweatpants for Anna. I don’t think she thinks I will actually make them.

We spent yesterday evening (Sunday) laying in bed with the A/C on, reading and letting the sun slip away slowly. It was perfect.

It’s good to know when to stop and take a breath. This weekend was one of those times.

malabar paratha with egg and avocado


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