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Beadboard Ceiling DIY – Part II

We made some good progress on the Avocado House beadboard ceiling last weekend, and I wanted to share an update. If you read my last post, you know we got up about half of the beadboard panels onto the ceiling, and still needed to measure, cut, and place the rest.

On Saturday, we measured the remaining spaces on the ceiling together, then I cut the panels while Anna finished sanding and priming the bathroom ceiling. I adhered to the old saying “measure twice, cut once,” but it’s a good thing I decided to measure three times before my first cut – I almost cut everything backwards. It was difficult to visualize how to cut the boards at first, because the beadboard pattern obviously needed to be facing down. I almost made a cut with it facing up, but realized my mistake at the last second.

cutting beadboard panels for ceiling

Because we are badasses, I made all the cuts using a hand saw. They came out pretty straight, if I do say so myself.

On Sunday we nailed up the paneling.

diy beadboard ceiling in progress diy beadboard ceiling in progress detail of cutouts for lights and A/C DSC_0957

This is how the ceiling looks now with all the paneling in place. Next, we will be adding the grid along the seams as well as lining the edge of the room with a sort of DIY wood panel moulding. Finally, we will paint everything white. We are hoping to get both steps finished next weekend!

After we finished with the beadboard paneling, we had a little extra time and energy, so we started painting the bathroom. The color we chose, called “Billowing Clouds” looks great. It’s a very calming blueish gray.

bathroom painting progress bathroom painting progress

Of course after all that work we had to reward ourselves with some grilling.

grilling steak steak on the grill grilling steak and elotes

We made steak and elotes, with a side of rice and beans. It was our first time making elotes, and Anna did an amazing job. They’re super easy – just grill ears of corn for about 20-25 minutes or until they’re a little charred. Then slather them in mayo (yes, mayo), lime juice, chili powder, and cilantro. Finally, roll them in crumbly cheese (we used feta). It’s easier if you mix the lime juice and chili powder right into the mayo, and the roll them through a mix of cilantro and cheese.

Not exactly the healthiest, but so delicious after a long day of work.

making steak and elotes grilling behind the grape vines cactus steak and elotes dinner


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