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Knit it Out

Linking up again this week with Yarn Along and Keep Calm and Craft On.

I’ve had a very stressful week this past week, and besides the beautiful, wonderful Anna, my knitting projects are helping keep me sane. As I mentioned in my last Yarn Along post, I had a new job offer on the table that I was very excited about.

After a little contract negotiation, the offer started not looking as sweet as it had. When I told my current boss that I had an offer that I was planning to accept, he surprised me by asking, “What can I do to convince you to stay?”

Now to many people, this looks like a great situation – a good job offer on the table, and a current employer that wants you to stay bad enough that they’re willing to improve your current situation. So what’s the problem?

Well, I think most of my anxiety stems from my need to constantly keep everyone happy. In this situation, someone loses, either my current employer or the new guys. In addition, as it looks more and more like I’ll stay on with my current company, I feel like I’ve wasted the other company’s time. On top of that, I have gotten to know the new company’s CEO on a personal level and I do really like her. I just don’t know if her offer is going to work out.

All of these factors, and probably a lot more that I’m not aware of, have added up to give me a record level of anxiety about the choice. As of the time of writing, I still have not made a concrete decision. I had a tension headache all weekend and I’m having trouble sleeping. I have to make a decision today, though, and I think I’ve more or less got my mind made up. The hard part will be saying “no” to someone. Why is it always so hard to say no?

In any case, I’ve been knitting through all this and it has helped tremendously, as it always does with anxious situations. I finished the Simple Baby Pullover for Brianna’s niece, buttons and all. I also finished the Earflap Hat for her, in matching yarn. The hat came out a little big, but that’s the great thing about knitting for babies – they’ll definitely grow into anything you accidentally make a bit too big.

purl soho garter stitch ear flap hat
This little hat still needs its mini-pom.

finished simple baby pullover baby pullover button detail finished baby pullover folded baby pullover

I’ve now gotten started on Leaves or Not for Brianna’s nephew. It’s a more complex knit than I was expecting, but the directions are relatively clear and I think I’m doing alright. It was my first time trying the provisional cast on method and once I got the hang of it, it wasn’t hard at all. Also did I mention that this yarn is SO SOFT AND SQUISHY?? I love it. It’s Spud & Chloe Sweater yarn and I want a humongous sweater made of it. Maybe someday…

leaves or not baby sweater in progress
Notice the empty wine bottle and glass from last night – evidence of a stressful week.

morning tea



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  1. Lnda Lnda

    I’ve been there on the job front decision before – stay or leave… I go by my gut feeling. Go with what you feel will truly make you happy – your gut instinct will tell you which one it is. Put the two jobs on a piece of paper and scramble them around behind you – and pick one. If you look at it and feel happy that that was the one that turned up – then go for it!

    Linda in VA

    • Flo Flo

      Thanks so much Linda, that’s such great advice. I think I know what I’m going to decide, but I’ll try that and see how it feels.

  2. Oh yes, why is it always so hard to say no? I hope you will be out of this situation soon – after the decision you will probably feel lighter again πŸ™‚
    I love all your knits but I’m totally in love with that last picture of your little teapot (?) and the hand knitted cloth. Perfect!

    • Flo Flo

      Thank you so much! Hope you didn’t notice the messy stove too much… πŸ˜›

      There’s nothing like some tea and knits to calm the anxiety of a tough decision, right? (Maybe wine…)

  3. It’s always hard to say no…..(doesn’t improve with age or practice!!!) but whatever decision you make, you can make it become the right one. It must be very very nice to know that you are valued by your current employer!!! and at least there….you KNOW what the job is. But…change keeps things interesting. You can’t lose.

    • Flo Flo

      Thanks for the comment! It is really nice to know my current employer values me enough to want to keep me. But change certainly is nice, too! You’re right though, no matter what I choose I can make it work for me πŸ™‚

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