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Beadboard Ceiling DIY – Part IV

I’m proud to say that we finished the beadboard ceiling DIY project last weekend! If you’ve been following this project at all in parts I, II, and III you’ll know it was quite a process.

This past weekend, all of the structural work was done (hallelujah!) and all we needed to do was make it look pretty. First, we had to sand down all the places we patched with filler in the beadboard paneling and the wood. Since we used a nail gun to put it all up, the nails were sunk into the material a little bit, which was perfect for what we wanted. When we caulked the last time we worked on the ceiling, we also filled these holes. After sanding the filling down to make it all even, you couldn’t even tell there was a hole there.

Once the sanding was done, it was time to paint. We bought an extender for the paint roller to make this easier. We started with a coat of primer, then applied 2 coats of semi-gloss white paint (with time in between for drying, of course). The finished product, I have to say, looks absolutely fantastic. It really looks just like the pictures from the blog post we got out inspiration from. I’m so excited to put up the light fixtures this weekend and get it looking really, truly finished.

finished beadboard ceiling diy

finished beadboard ceiling


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