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Once again,  joining in for Yarn Along and Keep Calm and Craft On.

It’s been a crazy week to say the least, leaving little time for knitting or reading – but I’ve still managed to do a bit of both! I put down my book to read Taproot Magazine this week, since it arrived in the mail and I couldn’t resist.

I’m loving the mix of articles, craft ideas, and recipes in here, as well as the fact that it has no advertising. Reading magazines like this also reminds me that there are other people out there, a lot of them it seems, that value the same things I do – family, friends, time spent outside, slow living. Living in LA, I can start feeling like a weirdo sometimes, and it’s nice to remember there are a lot of people like me.

I’m also still stitching away (slowly, obviously) at the Alana Tank. I’m working my way up the front panel and will hopefully be able to completely finish it in the next week. The next project I’ve got my eye on is the beachy sweatpants for Anna – this is going to be my second self-drafted article of clothing and I’m really excited to get started. I’m sure Anna is too, because right now the yarn for that project is just in a big pile in the corner of the living room. Sorry, Anna!

What has been keeping me from doing as much reading and knitting as I want? Well, all good things. First, I had two of my best college friends visit over the weekend, which was wonderful. They are like family to me, and now that I live in LA, Madi lives in Austin, TX, and Jettie lives in Taipei (!), it’s a rare occasion that we’re all together. It feels so good to be with friends who are like family.

The other big event that kept me from knitting as much as I wanted to this week is that Anna and I bought a camper van. I know, we’re crazy, but it was perfect, the price was right, and we fell in love. More about Cecilia the Van in a future post, but let me tell you now that I am so excited to share more about her!

One more thing, a question for any of you reading this (has nothing to do with knitting): Does anyone else have some unexplained/undiagnosed food sensitivities or allergies? Have you figured it out? What steps did you take to do so? I’m dealing with some really difficult-to-pin-down food allergies right now and I would love your insight.


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