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Just Keep Knitting…?

I’m back after 2 weeks of silence to join Yarn Along and Keep Calm and Craft On.

What a couple of weeks.

Two weeks ago, I was busy packing up mine and Anna’s life for our move across the city. We moved our stuff into the Avocado House, but as it’s not quite ready yet (more on that later) we’re living out of suitcases with my parents for the time being.

Then last week, I just couldn’t find it in me to write anything here, or to even knit much. The election results were shocking and deeply upsetting, and we are still working through it. There is much work to be done. That’s all I want to say about that here.

But knitting! Once again, a great craft to fall back on in times of stress and doubt. I’ve finished the second pant leg of Anna’s sweatpants, and am going to be joining them together and starting on the crotch/waistband part today. It’s really exciting to see these come together! Stay tuned for a pattern once I’m done with them.

beach bonfire sweatpants progress sweatpants progress second leg finished on sweatpants

I also got started on a pillow cover that I want to make for our new little living room (whenever we can finally move in…). I’m using a light colored tweed yarn and knitting it in honeycomb pattern. I’ll share some pictures next week when I (hopefully) have more progress!

On the reading front, I just read a book of poetry by Rupi Kaur that I cannot recommend highly enough, Milk and Honey. She is a powerful poet with a unique voice.

What have you been reading and knitting?


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