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Growing & Moving

Joining in again this week for Yarn Along and Keep Calm and Craft On.

Things are crazy over at the Avocado House right now. We are getting our final inspection of the renovations tomorrow, and if everything is approved we can finally move in!

Of course, we had plenty of last-minute work to do before the place was inspection-ready, including installing the toilet and sink/vanity in the bathroom…which still isn’t done yet…but it will be before tomorrow!

Anyway, about knitting. I’m getting close to finishing my Haruni shawl for my mom’s birthday, which is Friday. I’m not sure if I’ll finish exactly on time, but I don’t think she’ll mind. I love watching the leaves as they grow, row by row.

Overall it’s been a very fun knit, and surprisingly easy. It looks complex, but really it is a matter of counting and patterns. I would recommend the pattern, as it also has very good instructions and clear charts.

haruni shawl progress

I’m also still chugging away at the ol’ sweatpants. It’s slow progress since I mostly have only been knitting them at home, as they are now very big and bulky. I’m hoping to finish sometime this year…

working on the sweatpants
Working on the sweatpants in the cabin we stayed in this weekend.

sweatpants progress

I’ve been thinking about what my next projects are going to be (other than the baby knits!) and I’ve been browsing lots of different yarn possibilities. I’m really attracted to the idea of using 100% American-sourced fiber. Do any of you know of good companies that do this?

What are you knitting? Share with us!


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  1. Corlene Forde Corlene Forde

    Quince & Co. offers 100% American sourced wool in several different weights. I have used the yarn myself. It is wonderful to work with and is relatively inexpensive for such a great product.

    Barrett Wool Co. (a relatively new company) also offers 100% American sourced wool in worsted and fingering weights. It looks very comparable to the Quince & Co yarn but I have not tried it yet myself.

    • Flo Flo

      Oooh thanks so much for the recommendations! I’ve seen some Quince & Co stuff at my LYS and it looked delicious. I’ll have to buy some next time and try it out. Never heard of the other company but I’ll keep an eye out for them too!

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