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Booze Free January: 3 Weeks In

Hey all, an update for this month’s booze-free challenge. It’s been three weeks and I’m feeling…well, mostly cold since our heater stopped working. But also pretty good about the success of this challenge.

I ran in the Pasadena Half Marathon on Sunday, which was one of the reasons for me taking on this challenge in the first place. It was pretty grim (cold, rainy, Brianna and I were both feeling sick, and we almost didn’t make it to the race on time because of the traffic) but we both finished. My time was nothing great – I’ve run a faster half – but I was glad to finish because right up to the starting gun I was still not sure I would actually go through with it.

I’m sleeping well every night still, so that’s a definite benefit to the challenge. I think I would be more enthusiastic about my feelings of health and general wellbeing right now if I hadn’t just come down with a cold. Alas, I guess running for two hours in the cold and rain isn’t great for your health, or something.

This week I faced some pressure at happy hour, but I held out and also managed to point out how it’s a little shitty to pressure a friend who already clearly said she is taking on a no-drinking challenge for this month. They backed off and apologized. I sometimes have trouble standing up for myself, so it was a big deal for me that I managed not only to hold out but also call them out.

January is almost over and I’ve started thinking about what comes next from this challenge. I don’t want to just do the challenge and then go back to normal life, I would like to take something away from it. I’m going to spent this next week thinking about what that will be and report back.

PS the photo is from our trip to France. No, it didn’t snow here in LA.



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