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Pits and Peaks This Week

Continuing on with my Pits and Peaks series, let’s take a look at how this week went for us, savings- and life-wise.

It was a super busy week, with a friend of mine from Texas visiting on the weekend and lots of working and cooking done during the week. I took care of some life things like finally getting my annual haircut (not a joke, it pretty much only happens once a year). So, without further ado, Pits and Peaks!


To be honest, this was a pretty expensive week. My dear friend is the kind of guy who doesn’t really go in for frugal activities like hiking and at-home dining, not to mention it was his first time ever in Los Angeles. Since I only see him a couple times a year these days and I wanted him to like LA (so he will come back!) Anna and I kind of pulled out the stops. We dined out with him and another friend of his on a couple of occasions throughout the weekend, and we didn’t exactly order off the dollar menu, either.

Enjoying time with my friend and not being a miser.

Even though it was expensive to spend the weekend that way, I don’t have any regrets about it. Being frugal is about choosing where and when to save your money, and being able to spend a little on the things that are most important to you. To me and Anna, maintaining our friendships and relationships with people who are close to us is worth throwing down some cash to show them a good time. Bonus points, my friend loved LA and is already thinking about coming back soon.

This week I also got a haircut, which I paid for. I know, I know, if I was truly badass I would do it myself, or something. Well, my hair was frankly getting completely out of control. It was inching its way past my butt and the ends were all splitty and dry. Anna flatly refused to cut my hair for me, so finally I caved this Wednesday and went to Supercuts. It wasn’t expensive…and you get what you pay for.

Good thing my hair is just straight and long and doesn’t require much styling!


Despite the fact that this week was in general more expensive than ideal, we did have a few wins! On Saturday night, we went to the birthday party of a friend of ours. His wife throws a fantastic party, and it was full of snacks and drinks and friendly people. It was one of those 4PM- ? events where it’s not really dinner, but also you eat, but then when you get home you’re still hungry.

A lovely pie Anna made the other night.

When we were leaving, Anna was considering maybe we should stop for takeout somewhere on the way home. I countered by reminding her we had our cheap-o Aldi frozen pizzas in the freezer. After a brief discussion she saw the upside of eating the $1.99 pizza instead of grabbing lame-o takeout, and that’s precisely what we did. Meals out with a friend you only see a couple times a year at nice places? Worth it, within reason. Greasy takeout on the way home from a party when you have perfectly good pizza in the freezer? Not worth it.

Another frugal win this week was our grocery bill. Because of the fact that we’re finally getting stocked up in our pantry and actually have some staples in there, our grocery bill this week was only $30. We had some various veggies and meats from last week to finish up, so we only had to get a few things this week. And we managed to use up most of our veggies, avoiding food waste! Double win there.

This weekend we have a chill birthday party (what is it with everyone being born at this time of year?) at a bar and a couple of hikes planned, plus using a Target gift card we got to finally purchase a microwave for ourselves. It’s going to be a bit less spendy of a week, I think. Tune in next week to see how it goes!


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