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Pits and Peaks This Week

Can you believe it’s already Friday again? I feel like this week just flew by. Time for another installment of Pits and Peaks already!

This week included lots and LOTS of work, some fine cooking from Anna, a birthday, and a job interview for Anna (fingers crossed)!


The weekend was a bit expensive, with two outings to bars with friends, one dinner out, and a birthday gift of vegan donuts for Brianna. Vegan donuts, as you might imagine, are not cheap, but they were very well received. Worth it for Brianna’s shriek of delight when we walked into the bar with a giant donut box, I would say.

I would like to point out one small pit which wasn’t a big deal, per se, but is something I noticed and would like to work on in the future: the drink you didn’t need.

At one of the bars we went to, when everyone ordered another round, I did too. But…I didn’t really want it. It just seemed like a good idea at the time. I ended up not nearly finishing my second drink, and feeling downright silly for spending the $8 for nothing. It’s a small expenditure in the grand scheme of things, but I think noticing moments like that and having the presence of mind to say, No, I don’t want another one could save me a lot of money in the long run. Food for thought!


The Asian market, guys. If you have one near you (Google it), get on it. I had gone to our local Asian market for specific specialty foods before, but had never tried doing any of my normal grocery shopping there until this past Sunday. We needed lemongrass for a curry, so we decided to pop in and grab that and some rice.

Guys. Everything there is so cheap! We made out like bandits! Not only are our favorite specialty treats available there for reasonable (non-Whole Foods) prices, but many of our normal staples were there for prices even lower than Aldi. That, my friends, is an accomplishment. We walked out with our bags bulging with bargain veggies, chicken (we got something like 6 pounds for $4?) and other goodies – nearly our entire weekly grocery list – for $20.

That’s right folks. We just made a quick visit to Aldi for a few things we couldn’t find at the Asian market after that and all the shopping was done.

We will now be visiting that market FIRST every week, even before Aldi. Also, the fish tanks are cool.

Another peak was some frugal fun we had on Sunday morning – a hike! We’re just getting back into hiking shape (our renovation project really took away from our hiking time over the past nine-ish months) so it was nothing major, but it was so nice to get back into the mountains. Everything is so green right now. We’ve had so much rain here in CA that most of the state is officially out of drought!

I also made a delicious batch of banana bread with some bananas that were just a weeeeee bit past their prime. It’s delicious, and we avoided food waste! Double win. Also, it was very photogenic:

This coming week, we’ll be hosting a gathering at our house and hopefully picking up a free futon at some point. Tune in next Friday to see how we did in our quest to live frugally and save up for our van trip!


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  1. Cutting down on alcohol spending in the last year means that my drink-I-didn’t-need out has become my second drink! The silly part is that I keep forgetting this until I’m two sips in and it’s just not appealing. And then I’m annoyed with the spending. I need to get better at remembering (and sticking to!) just one.

    • Flo Flo

      Totally feel you, that’s exactly what happened to me. It seems like such a good idea until it arrives. We’ll just have to keep reminding ourselves.

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