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Pits and Peaks This Week

Here’s the latest installment of my Pits and Peaks series, where I look back over the past week and see how it went, life-wise and frugality-wise.

The picture of a perfect Sunday.

This week was pretty rough, all things considered.

There was a party and a hike on the weekend, which were both nice, but those were followed by an extra tough work week for both of us and a disease for me. I’m writing this now from my couch, where I’m working from home today so that I don’t cough chunks of my lungs on my poor coworkers. So, without further ado:

Favorite free activity: hiking!


While the party we hosted on Saturday evening was fun, we did end up spending about $50 on food and supplies. We are going to have to find recipes with more frugal ingredients next time we host, or perhaps do more of a potluck style party.

The worst pit of the week for me was Wednesday. I had a terrible workday on Wednesday, so much so that I ended up buying lunch. Then if that wasn’t enough, we ordered a Domino’s pizza that night. The pizza did help us both feel a little better about our respective terrible days at work and my terrible cold, but it set us back about $20. We’ll need to get on our frozen pizza game to avoid these weeknight pitfalls.


On Sunday, we entertained ourselves in our favorite frugal way: a hike! This week we went up to Orchard Camp on the Mt Wilson Trail. It was a gorgeous day and a beautiful hike. We treated ourselves to leftover beers and snacks from our party when we reached the top. All around, a frugal and fun day was had.

Even though we did spend some money on Valentine’s Day this year, I’m including it in the Peaks section because it was very pleasant and, all things considered, done in frugal style. This year we cooked some fancy steaks and sides at home and enjoyed them, paired with some fancy wine, by candlelight.

My awesome V-Day outfit: a fancy black dress, a flannel, and Uggs. It was chilly!

Anna did an excellent job cooking up the steaks, and I covered the sides. My scalloped potatoes didn’t come out quite how I would have liked, but the green beans with onions and mushrooms were perfection. We tried a Spanish wine that neither of us had tasted before and it was delightful. It was a very pleasant and relaxed Valentine’s Day. We also saved a ton of $$$ compared to if we had gone out – the same meal would have probably cost us close to $200 or $300!

This coming week includes house guests, and me trying to get myself back together after this awful cold/flu/disaster. Wish us luck, and tune in next week!


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  1. Feel better!

    There’s some horrid respiratory crud going around here at the moment. So far I’ve avoided it!

    $50 for a party total sounds pretty darn good to me — which is part of why I no longer host parties, haha!

    • Flo Flo

      Thank you 🙂 Ginger lemon honey tea is working wonders. I guess I’m still not thaaaat far away from my college days, where $50 to host a party sounds like a hefty sum! Truly it wasn’t too bad in the grand scheme of things, though.

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