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Scheming With The Stitch Bible

Another week, another Yarn Along.

This week, I’m finishing up Madi’s Basalt Beanie and sending it off to her so that it will arrive in her new home just around the time she does. I’m pleased with how it came out – trees, mountains, and blue skies for her new home in Colorado!

I also pulled a fantastic book out of the library to help me with scheming up my newest design.

I saw 750 Knitting Stitches on and was intrigued, but I didn’t buy it straightaway because I suspected my library might have it, and I’m working on not spending money willy-nilly. Lo and behold, they did have it, and I picked it up yesterday. I knew from the moment I opened its heavy hard-bound covers that I probably would end up buying it after all.

This book is not kidding about 750 knitting stitches, and it’s got them all – simple combos of knit and purl stitches (which can make a surprising variety of designs and textures!), cables, lace and lattices, colorwork, borders and edges… I’m in knerd heaven.

My personal knerd heaven – a little messy.

I’m dreaming up a short-sleeved tunic top with lace edging along the bottom and sleeves. Serendipitously, the yarn for the top arrived on the same day I got the book out of the library. I made a little swatch, made some measurements, and now I’m ready to get crackin!

Besides my new knit stitch bible, I’m still reading Martin Marten, and it continues to be very good.

A swatch for my new creation.


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  1. That edging will look lovely on a tunic!

    • Flo Flo

      Thanks! I’m really excited about it; I cast on in the train on the way to work this morning! It’s called “pinecone and twig lace edging,” you might be able to find it online. Otherwise, it’s definitely in this wonderful book! 🙂

  2. That leaf motif would be nice for edging 🙂

    • Flo Flo

      Thanks! I already started and it’s looking nice so far…it’s a little lumpy but blocking should fix all that. This book is amazing; there are so many edging and border and lace options!

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