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Pits and Peaks This Week

Whew, what a week. It’s hard to stand your frugal ground when things are really busy, and when routine gets changed, would’t you agree? Here’s the latest in Pits and Peaks:


Between both of our birthdays happening within a week of each other, we’ve just spent a bit more than average lately all around. Besides that, we also bought some plants and seeds for our summer garden on Saturday, which cost us more than we expected. Next time, I think planning ahead and starting everything from seed (inside first) would be better.


I also committed the cardinal sin of buying lunch this week. I know, I know. But does the fact that it was gifted birthday money from my dear grandmother temper the sin somewhat?


Except for my birthday dinner, which Anna generously took me out to (it was amazing) and the above-mentioned spending sins, it was actually a decently frugal week.

On the weekend, I took some homemade lemon bars (with lemons from our tree) over to my grandmother to have a little visit. She was asleep when I got there, but really enjoyed the bars when she woke up. It was a sweet and enjoyable thing, and cost only as much as the flour, sugar, and butter to make the lemon bars.

We also took a little hike in Chino Hills State Park in search of blooming California poppies. We found them, but it was only after a long, sometimes very steep hike that mostly consisted of bushwhacking through 8-ft-tall mustard grasses. It was not what we signed up for, and there weren’t even that many poppies. But, hey, it was free and the only thing we invested in it was time (and sweat). Also, we got some pretty sweet photos, so you know, do it for the ‘gram.

More flowers!

That night my parents made a lovely dinner to celebrate mine and Anna’s birthdays. They also gave us a couple of thoughtful gifts – for me, the Longhorns hat I’ve been wanting for ages (but can’t buy due to my clothes-buying ban!), and for her, a t-shirt and socks she has also had her eye on. Our joint gift was (drumroll) an All-Clad pot, the big soup kind, with two different inserts for different kinds of cooking! Am I officially an adult since I’m so, SO excited about it?? Thanks, Ma and Pops.

This weekend we’re looking forward to some camping in Ojai with a group of friends and some more (hopefully more pleasant) hiking. I’m looking forward to a cheap and fun week – and a little bit healthier eating after all this birthday celebrating.


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    I think this sounds like a fabulous week all around!

    Is it weird that I’m giddy about your All-Clad pot? I don’t have All-Clad but used to cook up a storm housesitting for friends that do!

    I’m also ridiculously excited to read about camping and springtime hiking and *lemons* from *your tree* – this is like getting a slice of summer through my screen. Thank you 🙂

    • Flo Flo

      Thank you thank you thank you!! 🙂

      It is not weird at all – this pot is AWESOME and I’m pretty sure it’s the kind of thing we could give to our own kids eventually. I love All-Clad, I’ve been lucky enough to inherit a few items from my Grandma and they’re just so high quality, well made and dependable.

      Glad you enjoy the CA sunshine through your screen! We are so lucky to live where we do and have so many fruit trees in our yard 🙂 Just wait till you hear what went down on our camping trip…it’s a doozy. But the weather was nice throughout!

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