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Pits and Peaks This Week

It’s been another crazy week at the Avocado House (I feel like I say this every week?) and I am so glad it’s finally Friday. Before I begin with Pits and Peaks, let me just tell you this doozy of a tale that happened on our camping trip last weekend. It doesn’t have much to do with money, but it definitely would fall under the “pits” category in general:

We headed up for camping in Ojai, CA (a 2 hour journey) with a group of four other friends. Because of where we were all coming from, it made sense for me to drive one friend in my sister’s car, Anna to drive another friend in her car, and Brianna to drive her friend in her car.

We reached the campsite, set up our tents (and tarps because of rain in the forecast) and got a nice fire going. After eating and hanging out for a bit, it started to rain so we turned in for the night.

Roastin’ weenies

The next morning was clear and chilly and we were ready to tackle a solid hike. We had planned a hike to a waterfall on Matilija Creek – the same hike we attempted last year, but had to abandon because we got lost so many times that by the time we found the real trail, it was threatening to get dark.

So we headed out for the hike, but Anna wasn’t feeling great. By an hour into it, she was really feeling sick and finally threw up. We all suggested going back, but she really wanted to see the waterfall and figured she’d feel fine now that she had gotten it out of her system.

We proceeded to scramble over rocks and criss-cross the creek for another couple of hours before ultimately concluding that the trail had been completely covered by a mudslide and we could go no further. By that point, Anna’s condition had deteriorated quite a lot.

By the time we made it back to the campsite, she was shivering and feverish. After much discussion and wringing of hands, I drove her back to LA that night and returned early the next morning with my dad (bless him) to gather up our tent and supplies. He drove Anna’s car back home.

Before the sickness fully hit.

The good news is, Anna made a full recovery and was even well enough to go to work on Monday! The bad news is, we’ll have to try again another time to get to the waterfall. Oh well, more reasons to camp!

Anyway, after that whole saga, now for pits and peaks:


We ordered food on Sunday because Anna was sick and really wanted Pho. Not a huge expense, but I suppose if I were a little less lazy I could have made her some chicken noodle soup from scratch.

I also bought lunch one day this week because I thought it was the day for a coworker’s work-sponsored lunch and didn’t bring anything, only to discover that his lunch is actually next week. In addition, I bought a few drinks out for another coworker on the occasion of her birthday (not really a pit, because it was fun, but financially a bit of a pothole)…


When Anna was sick, she kept telling me to just get her a hotel room in Ventura or Ojai so I could keep camping with the rest of our friends. No, sir! Not only was it hard to find anything, everything was expensive. I took the free route and just took her home (only cost was gas money, I suppose). This was a win-win, because she really was much happier to be sleeping off her sickness in her own bed.

At least the creek was really pretty!


I also repaired my own horseback riding glove this week! My riding gloves have been developing holes for a while now, as they should – I’ve had them for nearly 10 years. I thought about replacing them, but couldn’t find any gloves I liked online. In addition, only the right glove had holes. The left was in fine condition, so it seemed a little silly to buy a whole new pair of gloves.

Thinking about the reading I’ve been doing lately made me realize that I really should try to fix them. So, I headed off to the Fashion District in downtown LA to my favorite fabric store to look for some black leather scraps. I found the perfect scrap in their $3 bin. When I went up to the register to pay for it, the lady said, “Don’t worry about it, it’s so small, just take it.” Score!

So on my lunch break yesterday, I stitched up my glove with leather patches. It looks kind of like a murder glove because I couldn’t find black thread, but it worked just fine for riding. And, I have plenty more black leather for future patches.

Next week we’ll be jetting off on our vacation to Mexico, for which we found very cheap flights and accommodation (AirBnb FTW). I’m very excited to just read books on the beach for a week! And maybe have some drinks as well, of course…


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