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Pits and Peaks This Week

It’s Fri-yay! Time for the latest installment of Pits and Peaks!

Smoothies. Not a pit at all. Especially when you get frozen berries for $1/bag at Aldi!

It’s been another busy week at the Avocado House. We had an out of town friend around over the weekend, I went to a knitting group meeting (because I am a grandma obviously) and there was lots of work done, as usual. Without dawdling any more:


We had another restaurant transgression on Saturday. As I’ve mentioned before, food is our weak point when it comes to spending money. We succumbed once again this weekend and ordered Indian food on Saturday. But. But. This place is so good. And we ate it for days afterwards, even bringing some to work for lunch on Monday, so even though it was more money spent than necessarily we should spend (heh), I don’t feel that bad about it.

Ok I felt a little bad. But it was so tasty. It just cemented my desire to learn how to make amazing saag paneer and butter chicken so we don’t have to order it ever again!

I fell into another pit this week when my friend asked me to go skiing with her, just for one day this weekend. I said, “YEEEESSSSSS!!!!” It’s been years since I’ve gone skiing and I love it. I love it! So, we are going this Sunday, and as you might expect, I dropped the $100-ish for a lift ticket and ski rental. Shame, shame, frugal shame.


A view from my run up the mountain last weekend. Free, and beautiful.

On the plus side of the skiing adventure, even though a lift ticket and ski rental is expensive, we are frugalizing the trip in other ways! First off, we made sure to capture the 20% discount on lift tickets when you buy in advance. Also, we aren’t staying overnight anywhere – we’ll head up the mountain just for the day. My friend will sleep at our place the night before to make it easy for us to get up the mountain bright and early.

Finally, I’m borrowing all my gear from a friend. It took a little bit of asking around, but I found a friend at work who has ski pants, gloves, goggles, etc. Perfect! I’ll be able to uphold my clothes buying ban and avoid spending more money on the trip. Thanks, P!

Another peak from this week was our outing with our friends on Saturday, including one college friend who was visiting from out of town. A few different ideas were thrown around for activities, but at mine and Anna’s suggestion we finally landed on having a beach picnic. Everyone brought various food and drinks, and we spent a lovely afternoon hanging out and munching on snacks on the beach. It was fun and very frugal.

Finally, the last peak of the week rolled into my bank account early this morning – I received my annual bonus today! It wasn’t a ton of money, but it’s a pretty chunk of change, and it will be marching straight off to savings for our van trip.


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  1. I think your peaks far exceed your pits! Once I’m done paying off debt I’m still planning to sock away as much as possible into savings. BUT I am going to ease up on my spending with friends. For me, the emotional benefit of sharing food or adventures definitely outweighs the loss of compound interest in retirement.

    I would think differently if my friends were used to getting together monthly on a Caribbean island, or heading to New York for an impromptu weekend, etc. But it seems like we both have awesome friends that like to do fun things 🙂

    • Flo Flo

      A+ plan, I would say! I totally agree. I definitely eased up on my miserliness after finishing paying off my student loans last summer, as did Anna after paying off a small debt she had as well. It’s definitely worth it to ease up in favor of making good memories 🙂

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