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Pits and Peaks This Week

This week featured a fun hiking trip up to Sturtevant Camp in the San Gabriel Mountains, little kitties peeing on things they shouldn’t have, and lots of soap making. We also had our long awaited financial meeting on Monday evening. If you have a partner or a spouse, I can’t recommend this enough. We got to talk out not only our budgets and savings goals, but it also helped us rehash our life goals, priorities, and feelings surrounding money. It was not only good for our budget, it was good for our relationship.

Me and the fuzzy culprit. How can you be mad?

So now, this week’s:


As many helpful commenters urged us in our feature on Frugalwoods, we really talked about our restaurant and food spending on Monday and looked at real numbers. Yeesh. We really spend too much eating out! The good news is, we decided on a monthly cap to our spending that we plan to incrementally reduce as we get more and more badass in the meal planning and cooking department.

We also had a few kitty pee incidents this week, which was unfortunate, but he is such a baby. He will learn. We already had Nature’s Miracle in the house, but it didn’t seem to be doing the trick to get the smell out, so we caved and ordered the fancy stuff. Nok-Out is a whopping $25 just for one bottle but it’s supposed to be the number one enzymatic cleaner. We shall see!


The financial date was a huge success, and we are ready and have a savings plan in place. We both felt really good after discussing our money and future plans. We had some disagreements about how much we think the van trip will cost, but we talked them out and came to an understanding. It will be a continuous process. Anna doesn’t like fiddling with her money, so she has an automatic deposit now set up for her savings. We’re moving and grooving!

Also, we started getting back in the cooking and meal planning game, and we’ve discussed what will make some good lunches and dinners for the coming weeks. We don’t really eat breakfast very often, and that’s fine with us.

Finally, side streams of income are on the horizon for us! I landed two new side SEO & copywriting clients through family friends this week. We are in the process of hashing out their goals and what my process is going to be for the work, but I’m very excited to get started! In addition, Gay Aunts Home Goods (my little soap side-thingy) is going to be at a craft fair in a couple of weeks! Two friends of mine make ceramics, and they’ve invited me to bring my soaps along and join them at their booth. I’ve never done anything like it, and I’m super stoked!

Here’s to moving forward! Cheers all, and happy Friday 🙂


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  1. Congratulations on all your side incomes! I’m learning that these things take time to get the ball rolling, but hopefully some can snowball and really take off.

    I like your Gay Aunts Home Goods picture. Do y’all have goats in addition to your kitties? We too are dealing with pee incidents with a toddler who is forcing us to potty-train him. Have you tried Resolve?

    • Flo Flo

      Thank you! Yeah it has taken a good amount of time and patience, and I believe more time and hard work is yet required. But things are moving!

      We don’t have goats now (no room in our tiny yard!) but having goats in the future is a dream we share, so I wanted to include one in the logo picture. We haven’t tried Resolve yet, but if the super intense “Nok-Out” enzyme cleaner doesn’t work we will check it out! Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

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