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Pits and Peaks This Week

Rose geranium and jasmine soap with rose petals on top.

Another week, another Pits and Peaks – a weekly series where I chronicle our frugal wins and losses for the week as we work to save up for our epic van trip.

This week was a really good week in many ways, including that we have been quite successful in seriously curbing our eating out habit. As a result, Anna has made some seriously delicious dishes in the kitchen as “experimentations.” In my opinion they were experimentations gone extremely right.

I have also been working in the kitchen, furiously cooking up soaps for the craft fair next weekend. I think Wednesday’s batch will be the last of them, because it takes a week or two for the soap to really harden enough to be pleasant to use. If you’re curious about how I make soaps, you can read my Adventures in Soapmaking post and learn how I do it.


I’m actually having trouble thinking of something for this week’s pits! I guess I could mention that I’m still in limbo with the library. I returned a book to the library a few weeks ago, and then when I checked my library account online I saw that they had the book listed as overdue.

Little kitty jelly bean toes.

I went in and explained that I had returned the book. They said they would look for it, but if they didn’t find it within 40 days then I was liable for the lost book fee. Pretty frustrating! And it wasn’t even a very good book – I returned it before I was even finished with it. Harrumph.


Last weekend was a very frugal weekend, including grocery shopping, meal planning, and having a picnic on the beach with our friend Sophie.

Like I mentioned, we have managed to seriously curb our eating out habit. We did get sushi last night, but there was a very special occasion: it looks like Anna will be getting a big promotion! It’s not totally official yet, so you could say we celebrated prematurely, but she got the news yesterday, so sushi and champagne were had.

It felt much more special to save getting sushi for an occasion like that, instead of a frequent, everyday thing. We sure savored those delightful fishy morsels!

Another peak is that my side SEO gigs are really taking off. I have 3 clients now with 4 different websites between them that I will be working on. It’s kept me very busy this week, which I like. It will also be great to have a little side income. If I can ramp things up enough and spread my name, this could be a viable work situation for our van trip.




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  1. That is great you are cooking more and that helps so much to save money! I hope the library book confusion gets sorted out, I have had to pay a lost book fee before because I had no idea what happened to one book unfortunately. I hope they find it! Congrats on Anna’s promotion and your side business!

  2. Oh wow, your side gig sounds like it has fantastic potential!

    I saw the words MEAL PLANNING – yeah! The luster has worn off for me now that it’s summer and spending a chunk of Saturday prepping food isn’t as appealing as paddelboarding or riding my bike. But I’m still avoiding eating out, so that part is good!

    • Flo Flo

      Oof yeah we really need to get on the meal planning train! Actually in the last few weeks we have landed on a salad combo we both like for lunch, so we’ve just been buying a giant bag of kale and some frozen chicken breasts each weekend and eating that for lunches all week. It’s dinners that get tricky…I’m sure you know! Hopefully after our trip we’ll be able to really get our act together. 🙂

      • I’ve eaten butter lettuce leaves with turkey and cheese as a wrap for dinner the last ten or so nights. I don’t even bother making it into a salad, ha!

        • Flo Flo

          That actually sounds awesome and perfect for summer…

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