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Recent Makings

I’m linking up this week with Keep Calm and Craft On.

I feel like I’m in a life-space where things are just taking off right now. It’s very exciting, if also a little scary! I’ve landed a couple of freelance SEO gigs (all at once – when it rains, it pours, right?!) which I’m feeling quite enthusiastic about.

I sold my first knitting pattern last week and have had pretty sustained interest since I released it. This is a big moment for me, something I’ve been waiting to be able to do for a very long time. It’s also scary! I really hope that people enjoy knitting it. I’m now working on another one and I already have ideas for several more after that.

Lavender and tea tree oil soap almost ready to use.

If that’s not enough, my sideline soapmaking is taking off as well – an old friend invited me and another friend of ours to do a craft fair in a few weeks, so I’ll be busily cooking up soap until then. I have a delicious batch of lavender and tea-tree oil soap that I think is going to be a big hit!

Finally, I’m about to finish a sample knit I did for Candice of The Farmer’s Daughter Fibres. I’ve admired her work from afar for a long time. When she sent out the call for sample knitters, I jumped on it! She had me make a pair of socks in some beautiful green and pink variegated yarn. I love how they came out, and I hope she does too.

Sample knit – almost done!

Anna and I also had our long-awaited financial date on Monday, and it was a great success. I’m going to be writing about it in a separate post, but here I’ll just say that if you’re in a serious relationship, you should totally have a financial date – or several!

If you need me for the next couple weeks, I’ll be busy making soap, knitting, or sprucing up websites. Oh, and playing with these two adorable floofs (Floof #2 not pictured below, as he was busy attacking my shoes).

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