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Pits and Peaks This Week

Is it Friday already? This week just flew by. Welcome to the latest installment of Pits and Peaks, the (usually) weekly recap of our frugal wins and losses over the previous week.

This week included a flea market (no purchasing, just selling!), a BBQ, and tons of general running around. It also included another very romantical financial date complete with rosé and staring into each other’s eyes (and crunching numbers, of course).

Soaps-n-ceramics for sale!


We succumbed to the urge for takeout on Sunday evening, but kept it under $30, which is really good for us. Baby steps. We are doing better at sticking to the restaurant budget we set in May, though the trip to New  York was a bit rough on that front. Airport food is so expensive!

This week we got a nice little envelope from the DMV requiring us to register Cecilia again, so that’s $115 out of our pockets. Not really avoidable, unfortunately.


It was a good week for the positive cash flow, I have to say. I received June payments from my side gigs (and dumped them right into savings, you better believe it!) as well as making a few soap sales at the Silverlake Flea market on Saturday. I went there with my friend who makes ceramics and we had a little table. It was hot, hot, HOT, so traffic was light, but we still made enough to cover costs, and then a bit. Hopefully the August flea market will be a little busier.

On Sunday we went to a friend’s house for a pool/BBQ day. Everyone brought various snacks and drinks, and we hung by the pool all afternoon. It was a very frugal and fun way to spend the day.

Picture perfect kitten. She poses, we’re sure of it. She also cares not one bit for finances.

We also had another financial date on Monday! Yes, another! The reason being, Anna got a fat raise to go with her fat promotion (yay!) and we decided to take another look at our savings and budgeting amounts. We also use these dates as a way to hash out whether or not we owe each other anything and then use Venmo to settle accounts. We don’t have combined finances, so making it into a date works out well.

We were able to settle accounts and come up with a revised budget and savings plan that we both think will serve us very well. We increased the savings and left the budget more or less the same. Lifestyle inflation is a real danger! We also had some lovely rosé. Who says finances have to be boring?

We’re looking forward to a quiet weekend to do some work on the house and bring Cecilia in for a tune up, finally. That might fall under Pits next week if it turns out  she needs any expensive repairs. We’ll see.


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  1. I love your finance dates! I have them with my dog, but he’s about as enthused as your kitten. Who is getting big very quickly!

    I thought of you when I saw the Frugalwoods’ How to Stop Eating Out pop up in my inbox today 😉 I’ve been slacking on this front a bit in the last month – nothing crazy, it’s still pretty easy to avoid full on meals, but I’ve dropped a few bills here and there when out biking with friends. Time to strengthen my pack-snack muscles 🙂

    • Flo Flo

      I know, same! We really slacked in June. Between travel and laziness…ugh. That blog post couldn’t have been better timed. We can do it!

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