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Pits and Peaks This Week

My attitude this week in a nutshell.

Hallelujah, it’s Friday! Welcome to the latest in Pits and Peaks.

This week was a week of extra long days and extra early mornings for both me and Anna. She was in a close week, which is when things have to be finalized before a magazine goes off for printing. I am in crunch time for a large project as well, and had a delightful 7 AM meeting with a Big Wig this Wednesday because apparently when you’re a Big Wig on the East Coast, time zones don’t exist.

But I’m not salty about it at all.

We had friends in town on the weekend, which was great. I hadn’t seen these two particular friends in over a year, so it was really nice to have some time to catch up. Without further ado, this weeks pits and peaks:

Unlike Anna and myself, Louise had a very relaxing week.


We did go out with said out of town friends on Friday evening, and it was both expensive and unsatisfying. The food wasn’t great, the service was terrible, the prices were too much, and frankly everyone was exhausted (except our one teacher friend who is on summer break). All in all it was an expensive wash.

I also went out with my horseback riding friends last night because it was our trainer’s birthday. This event was very fun, and service and food were great. Overall it was more expensive than I would have liked, between paying for parking and paying Pacific Palisades prices for a meal (pricey), but it was a nice time and our trainer was really happy.


After the Friday night fiasco, we actually had a very frugal weekend with our friends in town. Saturday evening we all went to Brew Ha Ha, a free standup comedy event that happens every month in LA. That was great fun, and best of all, free. Sunday, we took a picnic and spent the day at the beach, then headed back to our place to grill up some burgers and watch Game of Thrones. Cheap, easy, and really relaxing. It was a great way to spend time with our friends.

cecilia the van
Beautiful Cecilia the Van.

The next peak is a doozy, and I’m still not sure I can believe it. So as I mentioned, Cecilia the Van is in the shop for some fixin up. Namely, she has trouble starting and her sliding door is jammed. By the end of last week, the mechanic said the starting situation was a really easy wiring fix and it’s all done, but they were still waiting on a (vintage) part for the door.

Finally, on Wednesday I talked to him and he said the found the part and she would be ready to be picked up Friday (today). I asked the dreaded question – how much is this all going to cost? Honestly, guys, I was ready for it to be upwards of $800, because she had been in the shop for so long and I know nothing about cars.

“Around $80 to $100,” he said.

“What? For the part?” I asked.

“No, for everything,” he said.

“Oh my god, I thought it would be hundreds!” I said.

“Haha, we don’t work like that,” he said.

So, I’m going to pick her up today after work, and honestly, I guess I’ll believe it when I see it. But, it sounds like we might have seriously lucked out. Updates forthcoming!

Sliced up a new batch of soap this week, too!


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  1. Yay for Cecelia’s new best mechanic friend! 🙂 Those rare moments of overestimating costs are so awesome. Now the trick, if you were the old me, is to recognize that you don’t suddenly have an extra $720 to spend 😉 I don’t think I even remembered I used to do that all the time until you posted this!

    • Flo Flo

      Oh, I know right? So easy to be like, “WOO extra spending money!” instead of quietly tucking it into savings. Alas, it does look like the door mechanism might need a more extensive fix, but at least she’s starting just fine, all for $80!

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