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Little Knits for Little People

This week has been a particularly busy one on the knitting front! I finished my little top for Lydia and am pretty pleased with it. It didn’t come out exactly how I imagined, but I still think it’ll be quite cute on her. When I write the pattern I think I’ll include a modification for making it into a dress – I would have liked to, but I didn’t have enough yarn!

I made it with leftover Stroll fingering from my mom’s birthday shawl. I like how the color variations came out. It’s also nice that it’s machine washable, especially considering it’ll be going on a very active 2-year-old. It was my first time doing bobbles and I love them! I think they really add a cute element of texture.

Stay tuned for the pattern!

Then without really pausing for a breath, I started on a little sweater for Lincoln, the middle child. He’s 4 years old and sharp as a tack. I was originally thinking to make it a little tee, but if I have enough yarn I might give it sleeves and make it a sweater. We’ll see.

I’m once again working with the delicious Squish Worsted yarn from The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers, and I love it as much as ever. I chose Newcastle and Elk Antler colorways for this project because I thought they looked kind of beachy together.

Finally, the test knitting for my baby sweat set is almost done, and I’m nearly ready to release the pattern! Yippee! If you’re interested in finding out when it goes live, feel free to send me your Ravelry username either on Ravelry (my username is bulbulflo) or by commenting here, and I’ll add you to the earburn list! There are sizes for newborn – 3 mo, 3-6 mo, 6-12 mo, and 12-18 mo.

The finished sweat suit! Should fit in a few months, when the weather is appropriate.

The testing has been a good process, and I can’t thank my testers enough. They’ve been amazing all through the process and really helped me work out the kinks in the pattern. Thank you lovely testers!

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  1. Victoria Victoria

    Love the blue green colours of that top!

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