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Escaping the Cube

Where did Flo go?

Don’t worry y’all (if anyone is still listening!) I haven’t been kidnapped or gone off the grid. I’m still here, it’s just that things got real exciting there for a minute and I just didn’t have the time or energy to write it all out here.

A baby horse at our friend’s family property, apropos of nothing, because you probably needed to see it.

As the title of this post suggests, I’ve finally done it: I’ve escaped the cube. That’s right. No more cubicle politics, no more freezing office, no more pointless meetings for hours on end. In mid-August, I was offered a role as a Hindi translator for a documentary film. It was a bit of a risk to take it – it only would last for 2 months, and at a pay cut – but I took it anyway. Why?

  • It was my dream job, in my actual field of study. Need I say more? Opportunities as a Hindi translator don’t come up very often!
  • I had enough savings to know that if I had trouble finding something after the gig was up, I’d be ok. Thanks to living relatively frugally for the last year and building up savings, I knew that if come the end of my translation role, I found myself jobless, I’d be ok for as long as it took to find a new job. Luckily, that won’t have to happen. More on that below!
  • It could open the door to other opportunities in my field. Having just one bit of experience in the field is worlds better than having none.

So I took the leap! My last day in the cube was September 1. Since then, it’s been just a whirlwind of getting used to working a totally different schedule in a completely different industry. It’s been an experience, to say the least.

But besides being an interesting and educational experience, plus actually getting to use the skills I studied so hard to develop, I think taking the leap also just…invited the universe to work for me, or something.

During my second week of translating, I was offered another job to begin as soon as I’m done translating. This gig is back in my former industry of SEO and online marketing. What makes it exciting is…it’s 100% remote! I can work from wherever, whenever (within reason), all while making as much as I did on the cube farm.

Guys, this is amazing!!

This means the Cecilia trip is in our grasp. It means I can cook up batches of soap while working at home. It means I can work with kitties in my lap if I please!

Because of all these whirlwind changes, I fell down on the blog updates a bit. Now that things are more settled, I’ll be back to chronicling the life and times of the Gay Aunts (as some of our friends call us) and our kitty companions.



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  1. This is SO exciting! It’s always fun to see when things start lining up for people. I sometimes feel like there’s a compound interest effect in the universe at large, not just my 403(b) – good things seem to bring loads more good things!

    And wow, translating Hindi – that is very cool.

    • That baby horse is freaking adorable, by the way.

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