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Flowers in Fall

As anyone who receives emails from my blog can tell, I’ve been having some technical issues today. Sorry for the emails!


I hope all my fellow crafters are well! I’m back this week to share my latest finished object, the cardigan request that I mentioned last time.

Things have been busy but the transition to full-time remote working has been great. I’ve had lots of time to knit, since I no longer have a commute! Knitting has also been keeping me calm while we watch Stranger Things. I’m not great with scary or suspenseful movies or shows, so it’s good to have something to distract me a little when it gets scary!



I’m really, really pleased with how this one came out. I think it’s my best self-drafted project yet.

It’s a pretty simple bottom-up constructed cardigan with a dandelion motif on the body. The only thing that makes it a little ~fancy~ is the side button, which I achieved by strategically attaching the sleeves off-center.

It has a raglan yoke, and the button band was picked up and worked separately at the end. I used Cascade 220 in one of the heathers – I forget the exact name just now, but these photos do a pretty good job of portraying it. In person, it has a bit more yellow in it.

I think it’s going to be slightly to big for the recipient, which is ideal for a knit gift for a small child. They grow quickly! I can’t wait to see how it looks on her, even if it is a little big. Her auntie, who requested the cardigan, is very happy with it.

Right now testing is going on for the pattern, so if you’re interested (it would make a cute holiday gift, hint hint nudge nudge), come on over to the Ravelry thread and join the testing!

Now I’m continuing to work on the larger version of the other lacy cardigan I made for my cousin’s daughter. I’ve finished the body and just started working on the sleeves. Hoping to be done with it this week so I can continue feverishly finishing up holiday knitting!

What are you knitting or crafting? Share with us!


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  1. Absolutely beautiful. I adore the side-button!

    • Flo Flo

      Thank you!! I’ve had multiple requests for this in an adult size…might have to get working on that soon ;P

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