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Friday Pits & Peaks is Back!

It was a much chillier New Year than we CA girls are used to.

After a long unannounced hiatus, mostly because I am just disorganized, I am bringing back the Friday Pits and Peaks post. Here, I run down our weekly frugal wins and losses as we save up for an epic trip in our awesome van, Cecilia. The van trip is due to start at some point this year! In the mean time, we have tons of weekend camping trips lined up to break her in.

This week, we spent the weekend in a cabin in upstate New York with a group of college friends to ring in the new year. It was slightly more expensive than staying home would have been, but as we split the cabin rental 8 ways, as well as food, drinks, and sleds (necessary because of the snow and super fun prime sledding hills surrounding), it was positively affordable.

We arrived back in LA dazed, exhausted, and in no way ready to start another week of work – yet here we are.

Louise helped wrap gifts and pack for our trip.


Our flights to and from the East Coast for the holidays were quite pricey. We used Anna’s companion fare and some of her miles to bring the price down, and we flew on less desirable days, but it still took a chunk of change to get there and back.

I suppose if we buy them in advance next time, we might save a bit more, but the truth is that flying during holidays is just expensive. This year, we’ve already told the East Coast family that they are all invited to California (who wouldn’t want to come here?)….and that we will not be flying out there this year.

This also marks the first month since moving in to our renovated house that we now must start paying rent on it! We got 2017 for free because of the work we did on the house, but now the jig’s up and it’s time to pay rent. Luckily, we are getting Family Price, which is very kind and generous of my parents.

One of my 4 clothing purchases in 2017: the dress I wore to Anna’s sister’s wedding, which has POCKETS!


We have joined forces this month and agreed on an Absolutely No Eating Out Month. Our attempts to cut back in the past were largely unsuccessful, and we both agreed that maybe cold turkey is the way to go. So far, so good. Our meals this week haven’t exactly been inspired, since we’re both battling a sinus infection, but they have all been prepared at home.

This week, as the start of the new year, also marks a year since I began my clothes buying ban. I am proud to say that I made it through the year with what I would call mostly success, only purchasing four items of clothing that I found necessary over the course of the year (including a replacement bra when mine literally fell apart in the wash), and one pair of shoes that was desperately needed. I’ll include more details on this in a future post!

Are you saving up for a particular goal, or trying to be more careful with your money? What were your pits and peaks?


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