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Happy Holidays from the Avocado House

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, again. Life happens.

In general, the happenings over here have been good. I’ve fully transitioned into my remote, full-time position as a digital marketing associate (I fiddle with ads and bids in Google AdWords, among other things) for a company that so far I like very much.

It’s not my passion, exactly, but it is interesting enough and working from home with a cat on my shoulder (she actually sleeps on my shoulders) can’t really be beat.

Frugality-wise, the holidays have been a bit rough, as they usually are, but we were able to hand-make and get creative with some of our gifts this year. And I did pull off the feat of knitting sweaters for all three of my cousin’s children just in time for Christmas – and just in time for her to announce another pregnancy! More knitting to do 🙂

In the new year, we have a few big plans that we’ve been talking about:

  • 2018 will be a low-fly year: we want to try to fly as few times as possible.
  • I will continue with the clothes-buying ban, except I should probably buy some new underwear.
  • We will be doing the Uber Frugal Month challenge in January, with a special focus on NOT EATING OUT (our greatest weakness).
  • We want to fix up the van on the inside and make it comfy and livable, as we will probably ship out on our trip sometime in 2018.
  • In terms of this blog, I want to reinstate Pits and Peaks Fridays now that I’ve settled in to my new work from home routine.

What are your plans for this year? Here’s to a happy and healthy year for all 🙂


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