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Pits and Peaks This Week

Louise assisting in the “office”

It’s Friday….finally! This week has been generally pretty low-key, with no big exciting events to speak of. We were sick over last weekend and got a slow start to the week because of it.

I finally finished that big knitting project I was working on as a sample for the yarn dyer, which honestly was a huge relief. I was so behind on finishing it, and each stitch was filled with guilt! Now I can move on to making some projects for our many pregnant friends and family members. And with that, this week’s frugal wins and losses:


I would like to start off by saying that true to our word, we did not eat out a single time this week! I did have a glass of wine at a bar, though, as part of a friend’s going away gathering. She is moving in a few weeks, and I would have been sad not to be part of the gathering.

I impulse-bought a book this week, too. I rarely buy anything online without first keeping it in my shopping cart for days and waffling about it, but this one just spoke to me in a way I liked and so I snapped it up. It’s The Mender’s Companion by the Farwoods. For the record I’ve already mended 2 pairs of jeans which I’m excited to finally be able to wear again, so it’s not really a loss, right?


We did it! Another week of absolutely no eating out! This is big for us. Even on the day that Anna had a photoshoot and we both got home late, we made tofu dogs (we’re not vegetarians, we just love them for some reason) and chilled at home instead of picking up something on the way home.

And honestly, when I made my usual credit card payment today, I was pleased with the result – such a smaller number! So much more to put in savings! It’s definitely worth the little extra effort that goes into planning meals and making sure the pantry is stocked to avoid the temptation to eat out.

Looking forward to another week of home cookin!


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