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Pits and Peaks This Week

It’s been a crazy week in the Avocado House as we prepare for our trip to Iceland. Yes, that’s right – Iceland!

We’re leaving tomorrow.

Roosevelt will not be coming to Iceland, but his fluffy coat would serve him well there.

It was kind of a last minute plan, where a number of factors all came together and caused us to decide to go. First off, Anna was able to get some time off, and we decided to take our once-yearly Just Us trip because we don’t know what the rest of the year holds. Then, we found some really cheap tickets to Iceland on WOW air. And finally, my Icelandic boss offered to set us up to stay with her family. And so, a relatively cheap vacation was born!

As it has turned out, Nordic countries are just expensive no matter what you do.

But, we’re definite proponents of frugality in the purpose of a life full of what we value most. We really value traveling, a huge part of the reason we strive to save so much to begin with is so that we can afford to travel without it gumming up out other life plans.

So, it’s going to be slightly more expensive than we expected, but travel is our passion, and we’ve been saving and planning so we won’t have to *gasp* go into debt to take a trip like this.

Without further ado, the Pits and Peaks:


I had things a bit wrong about when I would get paid at my new job. I thought I would get paid today, but we actually get paid twice a month and not every two weeks. So, I won’t get paid until next Wednesday.

It’s not an actual problem but it’s a bummer.

We also had to pay our first month’s rent in the Avocado House! Part of the deal with our house renovation was that we got to live here for free for 2017. Well, the jig is up and now we have to pay! Luckily, my parents have very graciously set the rental rate far below the LA average at “Family Price,” which is nice.

I went to see my friend’s play (she wrote it, did not act in it) on Wednesday which cost $20. I consider that a $20 very well spent, as it was a great play and the first that she’s written and had produced!

“Helping” me knit my beanie for the trip.

We purchased a few items of cold weather gear for our trip. Normally we’d try to source things from the Buy Nothing Group, but everyone here being in Southern CA they weren’t terribly helpful – I got some hand-me-down gloves and I made beanies for both of us. We are using my old ski pants and Anna’s old snow jackets as well, but Anna needed some gloves and pants which were difficult to find anywhere other than…..dun dun dun….Amazon.

She will be warm and cozy, and hopefully we’ll never need to buy cold weather gear for ourselves ever again. It will definitely be lightly used most of the time, as it rarely gets below 40º where we live.


It’s been another great week of not eating out! Helped greatly by the fact that I was absolutely slammed with work and had no interest in going out to do anything at all, let alone sit at a restaurant. Even though it meant having tofu hot dogs and rather stale chips for dinner on Monday, we stuck with it.

I’ve also been slowly mending my way through some more old clothes, which is therapeutic and quite useful. I’m bringing several of Anna’s previously-retired jeans back into service, as well as my socks and a sweater.

So that’s this week’s pits and peaks. It could have definitely been better if we had been able to find more used winter clothing. Does anyone have suggestions where to look for such things, for next time?

See you on the other side!


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