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I made bread!


I’m a California native, globetrotter, and polyglot with a serious weakness for jalapeño flavored kettle chips. I’ve been a teacher, a tutor, a writer, an illustrator, a digital marketer, and a translator. Right now I spend my weekdays as an SEO specialist in a shiny building in downtown LA.

I live with my girlfriend Anna in a little blue house just outside of LA.We spent the better part of the past year renovating our little house so that we could live in it, and I documented the process here. We cook a lot, we hike a lot, and we drink a lot of wine. We’re also saving up to embark on an epic journey in our van Cecilia, starting in spring 2018.

I’m an avid knitter and enjoy designing my own patterns and sharing my work online.

Avocado House:

From where it began as a place for me to showcase my portfolio, this blog has morphed into a place for me to share various bits of my life – my knitting projects, cooking adventures, and brief travelogues.

I decided to call it Avocado House because that is what my girlfriend and I are calling the little house that we’re remodeling. It’s my parents’ back house, and in learning about the history of the place we discovered it was originally a house for avocado grove workers to live, built in the 1920s. So of course, it’s now called the Avocado House.

I thought it would be a fitting name for the blog as well. I could say it’s about making things, change and history, using your own hands to improve life etc. – but really, I just like how it sounds. 🙂