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DIY Beadboard Ceiling

If you’ve got an ugly ceiling – gross cardboard paneling like we had, or yucky popcorn, or just plain and boring, a beadboard (or wainscoting, which is another term I’ve seen for the same kind of paneling) ceiling is a great option to add some interest to a room in an understated, classy way.

My girlfriend and I did our beadboard / wainscoting ceiling ourselves, inspired by this blog post. We started with very ugly cardboard paneling that was falling down in some places because of water damage. We ripped that out, cleaned things up, and then put up our DIY beadboard ceiling over the course of a few weekends.

Here is a before and after sneak peek:

ceiling before and after
Just after taking down the ugly old paneling, and after completing the room.

If you’re interested in the entire process of what we did to create our DIY beadboard ceiling, check out my blog posts here:

Now that we’ve finally added the moulding and finished the floor, we’re really pleased with how this room looks. Here are some more finished shots:


beadboard ceiling finished beadboard ceiling finished finished living room with diy bead board ceiling finished beadboard ceiling

penny in the living room
Bonus shot of Penny the pup whose fur is always getting in the wet paint.